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You love watches.  You work hard for your money and you do not mind spending most of it on time pieces that appeal to you.  Watches worth their salt cost a pretty penny. If you have one or more watches that are expensive, make sure that you safeguard your investment.  Make sure that you have the necessary accessories for your watches.

Watch winders are a must for automatic watches.  They serve to keep your watches always ready-to-go – ensuring that the right time is maintained at all times. Aside from keeping your watch accurate, it also prolongs its life, keeping it performing at excellent levels for a long time.  

Why do you need a watch winder for your watch when it is supposed to be automatic or self-winding? Your watch winds itself up through the use of a weight inside the watch which moves, swinging and rotating, and operating the winding-mechanism within the watch. But this weight moves only when the watch moves, that is, when your wrist around which the watch is worn, moves. If there is no sufficient wrist movement, the watch winds down.  If you do not wear the watch, which can happen especially if you have a large collection of watches from which to choose and pick from, and it stays in its case, it will eventually stop.  Having the best watch winder will eliminate the inconvenience of using a watch that does not keep accurate time. This gadget will hold your watch, making it go through circular motions similar to the movements of your wrist, thus helping the self-winding watch run, even when you are not wearing it.

Watch winders serve as storage/display for your collection, aside from being winders.  Thus, they are very useful to have around, especially if you have more than just one watch.

What types of winders are available?

There are three essential types of watch winders.

The functional type, which winds one or more watches, keeps the watch in place outside the device. So it has to stand on a table or on fairly lofty ledge.  Some winders of this kind which wind several watches look like merry-go-rounds or ferris-wheels regularly spinning the watches they hold.

The elegant type goes beyond mere function and offers a stylish and graceful way to exhibit your watch.  Usually, they come in the form of a covered box, made of either wood of a fine finish or leather-encased. They are small enough to keep it in a drawer or a safety deposit box but are most-suitable for display on a dresser-top.

The extravagant type is an entirely upscale, luxurious winder.  It may have a heater to make sure that the watch stays in a temperature approximating that of your body, beautiful and well-appointed fitted drawers to store the watch in, as well as synchronized time-displays and other sophisticated features.